The school will take place from the 15th to the 24th of July 2019.

Below is the preliminary program:

Week 1

  Mon 15 Tue 16 Wed 17 Thu 18 Fri 19
9:30-10:45 Wineland Wineland Wineland Cirac Cirac
11:15-12:30 Sanpera Sanpera Sanpera Schmidt-Kaler Short Talks
14:00-15:15 Schmidt-Kaler Schmidt-Kaler Schmidt-Kaler LIAF Inauguration
15:45-17:00 Short Talks Posters Cirac

Short Talks on Monday 15th of July starting at 15:45

  • Alex Fainstein, IB-CAB,”Cavity optomechanics with a polariton Bose-Einstein condensate”
  • Martín Drechsler, UBA “Measuring vectorial properties of spatially structured laser beams with a single trapped ion”
  • MartaReboiro, UNLP, “Excepional Points from hybrid physical systems: non-exponential decay”
  • Martín Kuffer, IB-CAB,  “Dynamical Decoupling Noise Spectroscopy of Quantum Coherences of Many-Body Systems”
  • Liliana Arrachea, UNSAM, “Heat to work conversion in the quantum regime: fundamentals and applications”

Short Talks on Friday 19th of July starting at 11:15

  • Diego Luna and Karina Bastida, INTI, “Times scales: From quantum metrology to everyday applications”
  • Federico Cerisola, UBA, “Correlations as a resource in quantum thermodynamics”
  • Nicolás Mirkin, UBA, “Information backflow as a resource for entanglement”
  • Heitor Casagrande, USP,  “Density Matrix Renormalization Group applied to Open Quantum Systems”
  • Gonzalo Alvarez, IB-CAB, “Sensing out-of-equilibrium many-body quantum systems by time-reversal echoes”

Week 2

please note the change in schedule!

  Mon 22 Tue 23 Wed 24
9:30-10:45 Anders Davidovich Davidovich
11:15-12:30 Anders Davidovich Anders
14:00-15:15 Brune Brune Brune
15:45-17:00 Free Free Free


Poster number First name Last name Title
1 Martín Dran Láseres de Cascada Cuántica: Cálculos de transporte electrónico.
2 Federico Domínguez Sensitivity of quantum information processing to perturbations in many-body systems
3 Leonardo Pedraza Pérez Qubit noise spectroscopy of disordered Gaussian processes
4 María Cristina Rodríguez Experimental study of the relation between many-body thermalization and localization by measuring out-of-time-ordered commutators
5 María Cristina Rodríguez Simulations and experimental observation of critical effects in the estimation precision of an environmental parameter using a quantum sensor under dynamical control
6 Pablo Ezequiel Sesin Photoelastic coupling in DBR-based semiconductor optomechanical resonators
7 Bruno Ortega Goes Characterizing dissipative phase transitions by its entropy production
8 Javier Carrasco Quantum Batteries with Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Diamond inside Microwave Cavities
9 Mariana Afeche Cipolla Quantum thermometry and resource theories in generalized spin-boson models
10 Alan Boette System-time Entanglement
11 Nicolás Gigena Bipartite entanglement in fermion systems
12 Nahuel Diaz Formalismo de estados historia para la teoría de Dirac
13 Alan Kahan Designing shortcuts to adiabaticity for a non-trivial interacting three-body system in a harmonic trap
14 Fabricio Simon Lozano Negro Linking localization effects on the dynamic behavior of many-spin systems with quantum irreversibility.
15 Natalia Giovenale Entrelazamiento en estados topologicos de un electron
16 Valentina Valenzuela Amplitude Spectroscopy of a NV- Center in Diamond
17 Wallace Santos Teixeira Dynamics of a trapped ion under the influence of classical and quantized electromagnetic fields
18 Agustina Magnoni Fuente de fotones únicos sincronizados con una señal de reloj a partir de una estrategia de multiplexado temporal.
19 Ignacio López Grande Distribución Cuántica de Claves Criptográficas sobre un canal de 2.5 km de Fibra Óptica
20 Laura Knoll Indistinguishability of identical photons and its application in quantum metrology
21 Ludmila Viotti Thermal corrections to quantum friction and decoherence: A closed-time-path approach to atom-surface interaction
22 Marco Di Tullio Entanglement in fermionic systems
23 Nicolás Nuñez Barreto A Paul trap for studying the interaction of single ions with structured light
24 Sebastián Andrés Bordakevich Quantum information in polarization and spatial degrees of freedom of photons.
25 Norma Canosa Conditional states and entropy in qudit-qubit systems
26 Raúl Rossignoli Factorization, criticality and entanglement in finite XXZ systems under nonuniform fields
27 Daniel Gresta Thermoelectric Phenomena in Quantum-Spin-Hall State in Corbino Structures
28 Leonel Gruñeiro Catalogue of Andreev spectra and Josephson effects in structures with time-reversal-invariant topological superconductors wires.